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Animal index!
India would surely rank high on it

According to a recent report released jointly by Assocham and PwC, India is still way behind other BRIC countries when it comes to public spending on social sectors like health, education, providing access to healthy water, sanitation, schemes for elderly population et al. While India’s public spending on education and health was about 6% and 5% respectively according to the latest Indian Economic Survey, the same for its BRIC counterparts like Brazil, Russia and China is around 7.9% and 5.2% and 4.9% on health, and 12.8%, 12.9% and 10.2% on education respectively. The low public spending by India on health is visible by high mortality rate and growing health problems.

Among the BRIC nations, India’s mortality rate is the highest – 76 (per 1,000) among the children under five years while that of Russia is 16 per 1,000, China has a mortality rate as 24 per 1,000 and Brazil has 20 per 1,000 children. India’s literacy rate is the lowest among the BRIC countries with only 67% literate population in 2008, while Brazil is at 88.6%, China is at 90.92%, and Russia is at an unbelievable 99.4%. One wonders the reasoning behind which Indian politicians might wish to hide, when questioned on the factors mentioned above. With such utterly shameful social statistics, and the way in which the disadvantaged in India are treated as animals, India needs to be a part of an association other than the BRIC. We call it the SPCA...

By:- B&E

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