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Call Guru Pitka!
IITs face a faculty supply crunch

Amongst developing economies, India has one of the best pool of intellectual talent and institutes of higher technical education, one being the Indian Institute of Technologies (IITs). The story reads great so far, but ‘behind the scenes’ the IITs are facing an acute ‘shortage of faculty’ problem today, a situation which is only getting worse by the day!

The IITs produce 1,500 B.Techs every year, out of which 40-50% leave the country, 10-20% pursue management studies and 5-10% join either the civil services or other services leaving just a handful to opt for M.Tech, who then may or may not opt for a PhD. On an average, IITs produce just 100 PhDs per year with the total count of PhD graduates from top engineering institutes being just 700!

Each IIT requires a faculty strength of about 100 to be self-sufficient. Therefore, just the new IITs that are coming up require 200-300 PhDs every year. Conclusively, there is a definite negative gap between the supply and demand of engineering PhD qualified faculties (even for the IITs). The only solution is to retain engineering pass-outs or get those Indians who graduate from US (as around 1,500 Indians graduate from foreign Universities with a PhD in engineering); ‘decent package’ of course, being the major issue. For now though, the IITs have their work cut out to meet the faculty supply crunch! Indian Guru Pitka was the chief ‘teacher’ for literate America in the spoof The Love Guru. Pray we never have to call him to teach us!

By:- B&E

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