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Presenting, the Great Brit-pain!
A host of problems hit England faster than McCartney’s latest squeeze

Nancy Shevell! That’s her name. And Macca [Sir Paul, if you please] and she attended their first ever public function together – his daughter’s exhibition – on September 17, 2008. But then, that really is not what England should be obsessed about, though it is, as much worse – like the ever-present shabby lunatic standing at the Covent Garden market crossroads keeps blurbing – is about to come!

Indications of recession are looming large, with its key driver, housing prices, falling by 5% this year. Bank of England’s desperate attempt to cut interest rates is not seemingly working; and the downturn, which if prolonged, will lead to retrenchment and growing unemployment. Of course, there was an economic slump in Britain in 2005 as well, but strong global economic trends bailed it out then, an event quite unlikely currently. Even social indicators are dipping. A 2003-04 survey showed that a staggering 35.6% of Britons have taken drugs at some point of time in their lives. The divorce rate has reached its zenith since 1996, with annual divorces reaching a fantastic 1,48,141 in 2007. Britain is ranked shamefully at 20th among 24 OECD nations with respect to high-school dropout rates. Some more political embarrassments add to the cherry’s taste. A government approved private firm, which maintains the data of prisons in Britain, has lost a portable hard disc containing the information of 5,000 prisoners. The data was lost as far back as July 2007, and reportedly, the Ministry of Justice attempted vainly to hush the news up! If that’s embarrassing, one wonders whether the Queen knows about British Defence Intelligence losing over 120 USB drives since 2004. Blimey!

In the late 70s, the Johnny Rotten led punk super group Sex Pistols screamed that there was anarchy in UK – their song was banned from public broadcasts. If only banning the Great Brit-pain were as easy!

By:- Sayan Ghosh

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