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Damn you Saddam!
If war could kill hatred, war doctrines should have received Nobel prizes; but perhaps one wouldn’t have to wait for even that to happen...

If mankind evolved from ‘Homo habilis’ to ‘Homo sapiens’ and if with each generation the complexity, intelligence and power redefined itself, the same can be attributed to the evolution of war. With passing time, the doctrine of war has redefined itself. And we found this special B&E double issue [on how to save capitalism through social responsibility] perhaps the rightmost forum to lament as usual on why war is the perfectly correct solution for peace... You actually believed that for a moment, did you? Well, insanely, so have some billions of the global population at one point of time or the other. But back to our laments...

The doctrines of war are jut not about war strategies but are like the eyes that saw and experienced changes in international societal system. When man was not even man and was more of an ape, he had to fight it out to survive. Being the weakest of the lot, [without any kind of expertise] it was only his shrewd mind that saw him through. Yet, that was perhaps the last time ‘men’ united to fight for their own survival, realising very soon that their biggest nemesis for all times would not be anyone else but their own brethren. That was when George Bush was born... Er, alright, we jumped the gun. He comes in much later [in our fourth story, actually. Pardon our impetuous nature.]

Fighting other species was perhaps far easier, it was fighting one’s own brethren that took the goat as that required constant upgradation of skills, and the realisation that ways and means would have to constantly evolve to kill that damn Saddam.

In the last two thousand years, perchance, there’s nothing in which mankind has put in so much effort as in strategising the demise of its own kind. Starting with the invention of the wheel to the invention of fire. To that of electricity and of course the computer and the knowledge of the existence of atoms; everything has been put to use for improving the fighting edge over the adversary. So initially, if the philosophy was to thwart attacks on one’s women [Troy, poor Troy], later on, mankind gave rise to techniques that annihilated the theory of coexistence and the fight became more for having the bigger pie of the land and its resources; though we’ve heard unconfirmed reports that Zardari down east is still fighting for women.
Seriously, epic wars being fought with clubs and arrows where heads were smashed with impunity might seem horrible today, but today’s sophisticated battles and aristocratic wars where a pilot sitting in the cockpit of a bomber, with the touch of a button, can release a bomb that can decimate a city and kill millions is more horrendous than it had ever been in the past. That pilot of course would return to his base, have sumptuous food and would go off to sleep without the slightest remorse. And perhaps with a feeling of ecstasy at having accomplished the work to perfection. All the more reason why the doctrines conceptualised in air-conditioned rooms by some of the most mild mannered people eventually turn out to be the most lethal ones.

And finally the mother of all doctrines is the so called Weapons of Mass Destruction doctrine. This one is popular because it doesn’t require any justification and can rationalise even the killing of the most innocent children in the name of defending American sovereignty, so long as such killings can be rationalised as collateral damage; read, for profits by grabbing enormous resources of oil. And with loose cannons like Ahmedinejad prancing around, who needs a dodo like Saddam, eh!

By:- B&E

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