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Don’t get us wrong... or right!
Legalising sex trade is ridiculous and stinks of the highest order illogic

Legalising sex has always been one of the most controversial debates drawing attention. And before you infer your deductions about our allegiance, allow us to divulge that we, the vicarious intellectual variety, are supremely against such legalisation! For the supporters – who claim that legalising sex would better the lives of prostitutes – we wish to mention that sex workers, irrespective of legalities, are found to live a life of slavery, and are equally beaten up, tortured and oppressed as rape victims. In legal-prostitution countries, the meaning of sex trade becomes simple; sign a contract with a woman to rape her. When Holland, Belgium, Switzerland, Australia and many other western countries legalised sex trade, they thought that it would make the State’s task easy – just to regulate and collect taxes – and state police could concentrate more on serious crimes. But things have turned expectably wrong. As per government statistics, there are almost 20,000 sex workers in Australia, where almost 80% experience severe sexual assaults and want to leave their occupation. The same is the case in New Zealand, UK, US, and other countries. A majority of Bangladeshis, Nepalese and Sri Lankan immigrants brought into India come against their will. From physical abuse [including enforced breast enlargement] to sodomy, the diverse torture on ‘legal’ or illegal sex workers seems similar across ‘intellectual’ nations.

Sweden has initiated penalising [by fining or imprisoning] clients who buy sex service from those who are in brothels against their will. UK, Wales are countries also considering the issue. Don’t get us wrong out here – or even right – but in case prostitution is finally made legal globally, would you then encourage your daughter or sister to join the same? There, you got your answer...

By:- Akram Hoque

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