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Killing oneself is fair. Just oneself!
Suicide attacks are growing by the day, in count and fashion!

Who claims that ‘improvement sucks’? Well, we do! And this feeling of disgust surfaces whenever someone realises that the ugliest form of suicide bombing has now truly gone global! What’s worse, the occurrences have not just increased manifold across the globe, but the tactics and techniques have drastically improved over the last few decades too! This clearly poses a serious warning to all in the world to reconsider adequate policy initiatives to prevent the world from such designed evils.

There are various forms of suicide attacks applied by various terror groups. One of the oldest one is the plane attack, Kamikaze, used first by the Japanese against US. Later on, many attackers imitated the same by hijacking planes and using the same as a missile. An example is the 9/11 attack. Worse, terrorism and public means of transportation seem to have some love for each other. The most successful attacks have always been ones where a public transportation system has been hijacked or bombed! Thankfully, they fail at times too (like Richard Reid did. He was known as ‘shoe bomber’ and tried to wipe out American Airlines’ flight 63 but failed).

Apart from these, innumberable suicide attacks take place, sometimes by boat, submarine, car, motorcycle or even by a bicycle. The USS cole bombing in Sri Lanka by LTTE sea tigers, the Kaiten, which were torpedos used with Submarines by Japan during World War II, the car bombing that occurred in Sri Lankan central bank in 1983 and many more similar attacks in Iraq, Afghanistan & Palestine. The year 1991 assassination of late Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi by LTTE was the first high profile case of suicide bombing in the world. This was quickly replicated in 1993 when an LTTE suicide bomber on a bicycle with explosives assasinated the-then Sri Lankan President Ranasinghe Premadasa. Suicide bombing has evolved with time, and in this case atleast we can say – improvement sucks!

By:- Akram Hoque

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