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Murder if you love mankind!
Really, that’s what powerful nations have taught us... Kill the innocent!

‘Shock and Awe’ – these are the two words to describe the ravenous manner in which the United States Air Force (USAF) bombed Baghdad’s administrative and government buildings with amazing precision during the summer of 2003. Yes, the American juggernaut was flexing its muscles on a helpless and an economically skinny Iraq, and the world needed no other Hollywood thriller to entertain them on their television sets for the weekend! So what was the scale at which Iraq committed a crime for which it was being granted capital punishment, free of cost and free of request? What justified the fact that Uncle Sam’s educated and well trained fighters knocked life out of thousands of Iraqis with bullets and shells from the skies? The answer: one man – Saddam Hussein.

The allegation against him was that he had enough weapons of mass destruction that could pose a serious threat to peace and security in the world. Well, if you thought that the punishment to millions wasn’t worth the ‘allegation’ against one man, then you’re probably right. Forget about noble intentions, cases of a million people slaughtered in Rwanda or another 200,000 butchered in East Timor speak volumes about how much America under George Bush loved peace.

And what was the West doing then? What was the UN busy with? Remember the manner in which thousands of innocent people in West Timor were slughtered by the Indonesian army? Well, Washington provided arms for the same; after all Indonesia was Washington’s ally! What happened to Afghanistan? The whole country smashed to smithereens, and all because Americans needed an excuse to dispose off their old bomb shells! Were even the two and three year- olds guilty?! In short, humanitarian intervention can’t overpower geo-political interests of powerful nations; well, it hasn’t till now atleast!

By:- B&E

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