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Our role ‘city’ model – Dhaka!
Don’t be surprised, there’s Karachi too! Read on... this is an eye-opener

Since time immemorial, India has been planning to improve the operational standards of its metros and make it at par with cities like Paris and Shanghai. And as citizens, we all do expect that city planners are leaving no stone unturned to make Delhi and Mumbai the next Shanghai and Paris of the world. Right?! Why? Aren’t they working hard to put the metro-rail lines in place? Haven’t we yet seen that brand new international-standard bus zipping past? Aren’t better malls sprouting up in different parts of our cities? Well, yes! All this is happening... but sadly, they’re not indicators of efforts on the part of the authorities to improve the standards of the metros. And we’re not saying this; blame AT Kearney if you find this an unfair comment. The consulting firm, alongwith Foreign Policy magazine recently released ‘The 2008 Global Cities Index’. Let’s give to you what the report states straight on when it comes to Indian cities. Aha! don’t be disappointed, Indians cities do figure on this list... but in the bottom half! And our role models Shanghai and Paris? They’re happily sitting on top of the list!

Indian cities lose on almost all factors. Delhi scored low on ‘Business activity’ and ‘Information exchange’. This is evident from the scores we received in ‘Ease of doing business’ and ‘Bureaucratic hurdles’ and ‘Lack of transparency’. In case of Mumbai, we find low scores on parameters like ‘Cultural experience’ and ‘Political engagement’, and why not? Today, the whole of Maharashtra is burning because of regionalism and ill politics! Bangalore, out proud IT epicentre received low scores on almost every parameter. And here’s the worst of them all – a global comparison. Indian cities couldn’t rank higher than even crime-plagued cities in like Mexico or the totally non-fashionable capital of Bangladesh, Dhaka or even the conflict-torn Pakistani city of Karachi! We have an advise for our administrators – take a holiday to Dhaka or Pakistan... you all need a break!

By:- Sray Agarwal

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