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Does Osama love Bush???
Well, we don’t know that, but perhaps Latin Americans hate him more!

USA might have been extremely successful in most places of the world when it comes to the promotion of democracy and free market economy, yet it’s surprising that when it comes to its own backyard i.e. Central and Latin America, it was forced to bite the dust. If there’s any place today where there is as much and ill-will and hatred against Uncle Sam today (comparable to the likes of Osama’s troops), then it is invariably in Latin and Central America. Ironically, when most of the First World countries are reeling under recession, most Latin American economies, spearheaded by the likes of Venezuela, Bolivia and Peru are showing that ‘remarkable growth’ is still not a myth even in these times of deceleration.

Moreover, that democracy need not always mean a lean towards the ‘free market’ has been vindicated by Latin America. Most Latin American countries have witnessed robust growth in the last few years, which also proved once and for all that following the ‘US pattern’ of democracy and market economy is mandatory for economic prosperity. Incidentally, economic growth in these regions have invariably given rise to more faith in their own style of democracy. According to a recent Latinobarómetro poll by The Economist, Latin America showed “a reviving faith in the ballot box and transition towards democracy”. As per data collected, over 82% in Venezuela voted for democracy. Similarly, in countries like Colombia, Uruguay, Bolivia, Argentina and Costa Rica, a majority now prefer a democratic system.

There can never be complete faith in democracy, nor can democracy be expected to deliver if people go to sleep half-stomach; and this gives all the more reason to believe why it is far better to allow countries to have a gradual transition to democracy than to force your ideals down their throat like US has tried in the past (in Iraq, and failed miserably). Humans made democracy, and not the other way round. It’s better we realise this soon....

By:- B&E

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