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Why Jesus left a trail...
Deaths of aid workers prove yet again how ‘Saviours’ stand in danger!

Jesus, the Biblical ‘Saviour of mankind’ died (well, he was murdered!), leaving no trail... That’s what you believed till date, right?! Well, he has... and a long trail at that one... Or how else would you describe what hundreds of UN and NGO staff (call them ‘saviours’ too!) are tolerating in the name of serving mankind in war-torn and poor nations. Africa of course, comes right on top of the recall list! A recent UN report revealed that from July 2007 to July 2008, over 63 international aid workers were killed in the continent; the insecurity in Darfur, Sudan is a glaring case in point. Conflicts, riots and violence in the region have displaced over two million people. Aid workers have not been spared either. Since the beginning of 2008, over 106 vehicles were hijacked – a spine chilling increase of 350% as compared to 2007, and six humanitarian workers were assassinated. Somalia, another example worth mentioning, has stood dumb witness to a million people being displaced and over 28 aid-workers being murdered. No surprise that it is ranked as the most dangerous place for humanitarian staff by UN!

And these murderous numbers are not only limited to the dark continent. For other regions, the number of peacekeepers assassinated by rebels stood at 17 in Afghanistan, 14 in Sudan, 6 in Pakistan, and 1 each in Burundi, Iraq, Sri Lanka and Uganda. What’s worst? We are talking about annihilation of those selfless people who in no way fall in the category of mercenaries! If this continues, there will come a time when aid workers themselves will need aid workers to watch their back. Now isn’t that strangely interesting? Forgetting the war victims, saving the ‘saviuors’, the aid workers?!

By:- Akram Hoque

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