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The shocking reality!
Two, maximum three months, and a majority of Indians will quite easily forget their ‘unbelievable’ anger of now... In fact, much faster than they’ll forget the daily issues that affect their lives...

Leaving our acerbic sides for a moment, we do accept that on the creditable side, the recent carnage at Mumbai exemplified a feeling which is so very unique to India. When Ratan Tata was inspecting the loss inflicted to the century old building of The Taj Mahal Hotel, not far away from there, two year old Moshe’s cries for his mother were echoing in one of the synagogues in Mumbai during the prayer for his slain parents. Its resonance literally permeated the notional distance and reached every house of Israel, and brought tears in the eyes of every inhabitant. Ratan Tata might be an Indian of Persian origin (present day Iran) while Moshe might be a Jew, but grief and loss saw them both as participants, rather recipients, of a most unfortunate terror attack.

Amidst the mayhem, at one stroke, what anything else could not, grief did. Indians, for once, kept aside their petty differences and were united. Starting from the lower middle class Mumbaikars who commute in local trains – and were sprayed with bullets in the CST station – to some of the richest echelons of this country who were dining at Taj, from the Hindus who didn’t claim they were shot at because they were Hindus to Muslims who shared the sentiment, from the extremely heroic policemen who died despite wearing lowest quality bullet proof jackets provided by the State, to the NSG commandos who died despite wearing highest quality bullet proof jackets provided by the same State... for once, those were humans who died, not Indians, not Israelis, not British, but humans.

But seriously speaking, this terror attack awakened this country to a higher degree than had other attacks in the past. Honestly, for long many of those staying in metropolitan cities never cared two hoots about terrorism in Jammu & Kashmir, North-East or the Naxal problem in the hinterlands. But today, things have changed. Realisation is dawning that it’s the common man who stands perpetually victimised. And to save them, came no one but the common man himself. For it was the common man in the defence forces who fought, and the common man again who worked day and night in the media, taking news briefs to every home of this country. When the nightmare was over, it was again the common man who was out there on the streets asking for answers from the powers that be. He was seeking answers from those whom he had trusted to save his life. The common India was finally waking up.
For long, India’s political masters have been parroting that issues with terrorism are mainly perpetrated by Pakistan. But in reality, if it were not for US pressure, Pakistan wouldn’t have moved an inch right now. Had it not been for Condoleezza Rice’s strong words to Pakistan, the crackdown on the terror camps in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir and elsewhere would not have happened at all. While Barack Obama proclaimed India’s right of self defense, India’s political leadership remained muted. Finally, the US is showing some signs that the War on Terror is not just about taking care of US interests. In other words, the common Indian should be grateful to the US, rather than to Indian politicians for whatever Pakistan is being forced to do. Unrelenting and unified anger did come out with people coming out in thousands with their unsuppressed hatred towards politicians and their ilk. Heads rolled. Ministers double rolled. Finance ministers became home ministers, home ministers become gone ministers, prime ministers became sleeping pill ministers, and other ministers became yes ministers. And respected Mr.Kalam continued congratulating ISRO on its amazing Chandrayaan mission to the moon.

Cut to the present. Cut to the harsh reality of the present and we now forward the irritable proposition that all this anger and the so-called mass movement against third rate politicians would last the box office weeks of a superhit Hindi movie, no more. Allow us foolhardy and obstinate ‘intellectuals’ to enumerate. If you feel volcanic hatred towards many of our politicians right now, we guarantee, your hatred against your neighbour will outlive not only the current incident, but also perhaps you. Add to that issues related to medical problems, increasing costs, life threatening skyrocketing rentals, tax notices, typhoonic falls in business receipts (or salaries), your own layoff – in short, the mother of all recessions – and for all you care, Zardari could be taking a walk down New Delhi’s famed Greater Kailash market with the famous Delhi flies and you wouldn’t care less.

By:- Pathikrit Payne

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