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Call ‘em American ‘Press’idents!
The ‘press’ loves US Presidents... [They’re their favourite victims!]

What comes to mind when the name ‘Bill Clinton’ is shot at you? Obviously, not the 4-day bombing campaign against Iraq (coded ‘Desert Fox’ in December 1998), not even his NATO bombing campaign against Yugoslavia (in 1999), not even one of his well-delivered speeches, and not even his crave for junk-food! So what’s it? (You know it already, don’t you?) But of course, Monica Lewinsky! Even today, the world remembers a nervous Bill Clinton’s interview(s) broadcasted across channels, the photographs of Lewinsky on tabloids, newspapers and posters... and worse, vile discussions everywhere! The ‘press’ overshadowed his reforms and fiscal & legal acts to brand him an ‘immoral’. But was he the only ‘presidential-class’ victim of the press?

For a long time in America’s democratic history, American Presidents, irrespective of their political parties; have condemned the media for being too biased against them. In payback mode, each time America faces a problem, the press blames it on the President. During the Civil War, Abraham Lincoln accused the press of favouring the Southern states, against his corrective initiatives. The 37th US President, Richard Nixon was impeached from office after the press was at his heels for his alleged involvement in ‘Watergate scandal’. Sadly, the press praised him little for putting an end to American involvement in the Vietnam War (having removed all of 543,000 US soldiers from Vietnam, 1973). He later confessed, “I gave them [the ‘press’] a sword and they ran it right through me.” Lyndon Johnson, Ulysses Grant, Harry S Truman, George Bush Sr. & Jr. & ‘all’ modern day US Presidents have faced the ‘negative’ publicity fire. [As per the widely circulated HNN Survey 2008, 61% respondents rated Bush Jr. as the “worst president ever”.]

Now it’s Obama’s turn; he’s already had a taste of it during his campaign. But hey! The ‘press’ is especially most generous to those in the White House!

By:- Akram Hoque

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