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Scimonoce – what’s that?!?!
Read it right to left – It reads ‘Economics’. [You Indian, right?]

Economic news has still not become a priority for Indian media houses. But stop! Don’t blame them. Isn’t there a fundamental rule that the producer supplies what the market demands? Really, the fact that media doesn’t include much economics in its reportage also goes to prove that for a majority of Indian audience, Economics remains just another academic topic, just academic! This is some kind of a hangover from the Nehru-Gandhi socialistic era, where the state controlled production and economic activities. As a result, the Indian masses started losing sight of all economic perspectives related to governance and policy-making. Today, the mass and media have become too engrossed in mindless political games. Political news has become a murky circus which is only meant to entertain the Indian middle, lower and poor class; it entertains and is then forgotten sooner!

Another barrier is the economic illiteracy of the Indian journalists. Journalists writing for business and economic journals lack the fundamental understanding of economics. However, over the last decade, print media has gradually improvised in this context... Economic columns are regularly featured, followed by editorial analysis of the current economic texts. The consistent growth in the circulation of ‘pink paper’ is also an indicator that the Indian readers are also slowly realising the priority of economic news in their lives. Even the Internet has to a great extended furthered this cause. But it is the general news channels that are turning a blind eye to this necessity. They are indulged in pouring out tankfulls of political and crime-related news (one that would make for a perfect gossip over dinner or drive)! And it is not only that their content lacks economic news, but even global issues are ignored. The Saas-bahu audience is just the sub-set, not the super-set... When will TV news channels realise this?

By:- B&E

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