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Er, yoga doesn’t make the list
Here’s the latest on the goofy side; gyms claim they can make energy

All poor Einstein did was create a few energy laws. Humans have found utterly goofy ways to make it PR news. The Independent and New York Times document the existence of agencies who believe that the energy problem of the world rather than having its solution in coal, water, wind, or nuclear sources, has a readymade answer inside the modern gymnasium. Over more than a century, humans have spent billions of dollars, have devoted billions of hours of hard work, and even thousands of lives to build huge dams, thermal power stations, nuclear plants, wind mills to produce power, a quintessential hallmark of a civilised society. Little did they know [sic!] that the same electricity could be produced by exercise bikes, rowing machines and tread mills that would convert kinetic energy to electrical energy!

For a nerdish example, listen to California Fitness Club in Hong Kong, which claims it can produce 300 watts of power per hour from its 13 machines using innovative apparatus. More hilariously, Enviu, a Dutch NGO, is also building a dance floor that will convert the vibrations made out of tapping of the feet into electricity. The US military uses ‘heel strike generator’ that can be fitted into their shoes which can support any battery that is fitted in any weaponry that they are carrying. With more than 26,830 gyms in US alone – and the data that an average person can produce 50 watts of electricity in an hour using a gym machine – are we at the cusp of a revolution where a revolutionary 500 million watts of electricity can be produced in US alone by exercise freaks? For a country with 3,892,000,000 million watts energy demand every year, all this is pure balderdash and stupid think! And yoga doesn’t even make this list. But still, imagine the possibilities in the third world. BSES officials in New Delhi pounding the treadmills all night long to reduce electricity shortfall. That sounds good...

By:- B&E

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