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Dress up girl!
And behave; the Indian arrives!

On the eve of India 60th Republic Day, one of India’s most civilised state experienced a not-so-uncommon uncivilised incident. A few representative of the SRS party went inside a pub in Mangalore and molested and misbehaved with girls under the veil of moral policing. Our protagonist is not particularly the Mangalore story [read more about this in our Policy section], but something more. On the same day, in the name of honour killing, a newly-wed couple, Balkar Singh and Ravinder Pal Kaur, was shot dead by the girl’s family members in Punjab’s Tarn Taran district even after having police protection. This is just not one of its kind – similar incidents have happened in the past; with Baljit and Ashwini (July 14, 2007), Manoj and Babli (June 15, 2007), Sunita and Jasbir (Nov 9, 2008), Pinki and Sonam (Nov 7, 2008), 12 years old Mamta (April 21, 2008) who was found with a boy in her room, and many more who are killed in the name of honour.

Not surprisingly, this genre of violence aptly fits into the mould seen across the country, be it in Bihar, Maharshtra or Karnataka. Despite arrests, governments have mostly shown a soft attitude towards such kind of unpardonable behaviour, despicably in order to not lose votes from the area where such incidents have taken place. And similar is the case for incidents of clear hooliganism and mob attack against the disadvantaged. While the public has struck work at schools, colleges – there have been torch-rallies and even hunger-strikes – and while several workers have been arrested – even those linked to BJP, Bajrang Dal and Shiv Sena – the fact is that the government never often releases extremely strong media statements condemning the attacks and warning Indians not to take such unlettered acts up.

It is extremely unfortunate that in today’s India, a traffic drive by the local traffic police to enforce traffic rules garners higher media hype – and advertising budgets by the government – than efforts to educate the illiterate Indian populace to immediately desist from undertaking definitely illegal behaviour.

By:- Sray Agarwal

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