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A devil & a gentleman... all in one
BAE’s top customers are the who’s who list of the world’s top killers

As hard work and commitment together make an individual successful, the combination of advanced British Aerospace and specialist Marconi Electronic Systems has made BAE System a harbinger in the defence industry. The company has commendable mastery in design and development of defence related products. BAE’s defence arsenal include combat aircraft, missiles, artillery guns, munitions, armoured vehicles, tanks, unmanned aerial vehicles, warships, radar systems and nuclear submarines. It is the third largest defence contractor globally. Its sales revenue has drastically gone up from $25.4 billion in 2006 to $29.1 billion in 2007; the 2008 figure is yet to be released, but we hear celebrations have already begun.

A close look at BAE System’s customer countries reveals that though it has a strong position in six home countries like US, UK, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Sweden and Australia, it also has customers in hundred other different countries. And that raises considerable question on not only the ethical viability of the company’s operations, but even legal issues related to UN diktats, primarily focused on BAE earning money at the cost of thousands of lives across the world and by trading in conflict zones. BAE has been accused several times for fraud, bribery and lobbying, with South Africa, Tanzania, Chile, Czech Republic, Romania, Qatar and Saudi Arabia being a few countries where BAE has perchance practised its brilliant ideologies to the hilt. Even recently, BAE was hauled up by the Serious Fraud Office for its attempts to bribe a senior South African defence official to get a £1.5 billion contract in its favour. One of BAE’s topmost customers was an exemplar personality whose invasion of East Timor and occupation thereon for a quarter of a century resulted in more than 100,000 deaths. We suggest BAE promote his name to market themselves. Suharto, the second President of Indonesia, died in 2008. BAE lives on...

By:- B&E

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