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Lets talk now!
US finally realised it for a change

Well let’s look at it this way. Finally Iran and its intransigence is of some use to the world. At least it’s helping to bring some sanity in the US’s way of looking at the world and solving some key global issues. The US for once realized that Iran is no Iraq and that it cannot solve this issue on its own but would require the help of its erstwhile bete-noire Russia’s help in this case. Obama’s confidential letter to the Russian president Medvedev exemplified that. It was stated in the letter that the US will shelve the interceptor missile system that it plans to install in Poland with a hi-tech radar facility in Czech Republic, provided Russia successfully pursues Iran to shelve some of its nuclear ambitions. While Bush offered it as a direct quid pro quo, Obama on the other hand is trying to involve Russia as a strategic ally not only in the Iran issue, but also in war on terror in Afghanistan. It also talked about renewing arms treaty between the two countries that is expiring this year. However, Russia’s pride and Cold War hangover was instrumental in their refusal to the offer (denying being a second fiddle to the US), albeit expressing desire to talk on missile defense plan with the US. Obama is also considering a Russian proposal (which Bush refused) to install a part of the missile defense system on their own soil, so that it cannot be used against them. He is likely to respect the proposal only if it is effective and affordable.

Time since the Soviet disintegration, Russia has never got the right kind of treatment from the US that it always deserved. Even when Russia was included in G8, a certain antagonism still prevailed. If Obama succeeds in mending the relationship between the US and Russia by giving the latter its due respect, it’s for certain that many of the world’s major predicaments would be solved much more amicably. There are several issues on which Russia and the US do think on similar lines but for the needless turf war between the two, they refuse to accept it. If Barack Obama succeeds, future history would surely be grateful to him for his first move.

By:- B&E

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