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Yo! Barack can’t get it up!
History shows Dutch have been more successful than Americans

The Brits couldn’t do it, Soviets got it premature, the US couldn’t even get it up, while the Dutch seem to be having a field run. We mean the Afghan strategy! Our suggestive innuendos aside, US led allied forces in the inhospitable terrain of Afghanistan can’t seem to get their counter terrorism strategy up and running.

Being the hub of Osama Bin Laden and epicenter of world terror, the sheer unfamiliarity of the land despite years of yankee presence in Afghan is hitting the Obama administration too hard. While Hameed Karzai wants Obama out of Afghanistan, now Obama is returning the sentiment, giving hints for him to be nudged out. But wait, all is not lost. There is a ray of hope, specifically in the central province of Uruzgan, vindicated by the Dutch Army controlling the region.

They call themselves ‘flower strewers’, establishing themselves as a compassionate friend of the locals and targeting to isolate the Taliban influence from the region. The result has been quite encouraging with a jaw dropping black statistic – only 6 Dutch soldiers died in 2008 in Afghanistan, compared to 51 British, 32 Canadian and 155 American soldiers. The Dutch idea of ‘development engaging locals’ is reaping rich dividend. The Dutch strategy involved actually holding themselves back for a year to intellectually understand the complexities – social, economic, political, demographic etc – of the region from a distance. Consequently, when they finally occupied the region in 2008, it was without any resistance – even the Taliban restrains themselves from interference, and not surprisingly.

From opening schools in the region, raising the attendees from 12,000 to 50,000, building 100 health centres with 31 doctors (previously the figure was just 2!) and making infant mortality rate drop from 36% to 25%, the Dutch are procreating ‘socially’ like nobody’s business. If Obama needs to really get it up, we think the Dutch would have no issues giving him the blue pill.

By:- Sayan Ghosh

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