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Many feast to manifesto!!!
The disconnect between reality and manifestos continues...

April 11, 2009: Samajwadi Party (SP) released its ‘concave’ election manifesto. The party promises to remove computers, ban English education, ban machineries in agriculture and also put a ban on share trading. What the party forgot is that it is the service sector that is the largest contributor to GDP and the largest employer as well. And the most noteworthy point is that the service sector is only able to churn out such huge revenues because of English and IT services. If by any chance this dream of SP is realised, then India may not only see drop in foreign revenues but a huge increase in unemployment rate as well. Ironically for these anti-English campaigners, let us remind them that even their website that caters to huge vote bank is written in English itself!

Congress also stressed on economic policies that will aim to achieve inclusive growth and low inflation if voted back to power. Ironically Congress is promising to do something they could have done in last five years. Given the current fiscal and economic condition, the whole manifesto seems more like a fairy tale. The BJP is also not far behind in this vote-luring exercise, and it seems that they are determined about not learning from past mistakes. Or else why on the earth would they promise to rebuild Ram temple and promote hinduvta even when this theme has been counter productive in fetching votes for them? Surprisingly, not even a single party’s manifesto talked about the current economic condition and how would they tackle the same. It seems that amidst their political fights they have found economic matter to be too light to find space in their manifesto. Almost all promises made in manifestos are anti-economic and it would worsen the economic stability. Perhaps the day manifestos are made legally enforceable documents and not a mere fairy tale write-up that Indians would witness something worthwhile to read.

By:- Sray Agarwal

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