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Latest stats on Reverse Brain Drain

Nirad. C. Chowdhury’s shallow claim to be the sole Briton living today who is aghast at the degeneration of Anglo Saxons, does not undermine his deep rooted admiration for the all conquering Britain in their heydays of colonial rule. Many before and since have had a quintessential fancy for the Western lifestyle, their values and their education, the inspiration of which provided them the driving force to land up on foreign shores. The colonial rule is gone now, but the magnetism of the West still persists.

Notwithstanding the fact that US has replaced other nations as the most favoured destination for immigration – with Indians and Chinese forming the bulk of them either in Silicon Valley or in American Universities – the current presentiments are alluring many to return to their home countries. A joint team comprising researchers from Harvard, Duke and Berkeley has forecasted recently that approximately 100,000 Indians and the same numbers of Chinese will return to their respective countries in the next 3-5 years (the research showed how 60% Indians and 70% Chinese feel they are better off in their own country). Compare this to the 50,000 Indians and similarly numbered Chinese who returned home in the past twenty years.

This ‘Reverse Brain Drain’ is happening not only because they are being forced to, but also because of the fact that India and China are comparatively more insulated from the clutches of recession and are surely going to be the markets of the future where investments by global corporations is definitely going to increase on a mammoth basis. One can gauge the positive feeling (or the ‘home country factor’, as experts put it) by the fact that about 44% of the returnees to India are/were placed in managerial positions with hefty packages. Time to rejoice? Well, the research also shows how 1/3rd of Chinese and 1/5th of Indians who returned believed on hindsight that they have made a mistake by being homeward bound. And it doesn’t include Ms. Sheetal Mafatlal... Touche!

By:- B&E

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