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The Kim & I’ran
Iran can’t be treated like N.Korea

There are two countries the US seems to be fed up with, Iran and North Korea (no George, ‘Putin’ is not the name of a country). While the reasons of getting fed up seem quite the same – namely, quest for nuclear power/missile capability – the fact is that Iran should not and must not be treated by Obama at the same level of North Korea, a mistake he seems to be committing with his recent comments against the elections in Iran.

A comparative analysis exemplifies that there is a big contrast in these two countries and Obama must respect Iran for the same. Firstly, Iran’s constructive involvement in regional development is unquestioned. Iran has strong leadership in the Middle East. North Korea has almost never contributed constructively to regional issues, leave alone global. Iran is a founder and active member of many regional as well as international bodies like UN, NAM, OIC and OPEC; while North Korea – a derelict member of NAM – has always isolated itself. Freedom of expression, though controlled sporadically, is generally found at ease in Iran. Try that in Korea. Iran believes in socialistic capitalism – Iran has 10% of world’s oil reserves, and commands production respect. Iran has a gigantic economy with its GDP at a staggering $0.82 trillion (in PPP) which is 20 times that of North Korea’s lopsided GDP of $40 billion; lopsided, because there are almost no small businesses allowed in North Korea, an essence of growth. Most importantly, Iran is witnessing a political transformation with the recent open protests, which clearly not only showed that such open protests are ended by negotiations and legal arrests and not by massacres (as happens in North Korea), but more importantly also show that there is a burgeoning community within Iran that is not anti-Obama and is looking forward to him to make a difference. This is unlike North Korea, where generations are still being fed anti-US rhetoric by the Kim Jong clan, and free media is a sham.

Obama has to treat Iran better than Korea. Most because the seemingly religious Islamic Republic of Iran is supremely democratic; and the seemingly people loving Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is supremely non-democratic!

By:- B&E

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