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Where in heavens is FPOTUS?
A rollicking look at what all has the former President been up to since...

“I have God’s shoulder to cry on”, said George W. Bush on a domestic television channel after his tenure ended as President of the United States. Months down, we realised he’s still not started searching for that shoulder; in face, we suspect he’ll never. Then where in heavens is dear former POTUS? We, the intrepid investigators, tracked our most loved Bush for the past few months and present to you a snapshot into his top appearances:

Feb, 2009: After leaving White House, George and Laura Bush return straight to their ancestral home in Houston, Texas.

Feb 21, 2009: Bush slips out. He’s later found at a hardware store (Elliott’s) in Dallas telling the attendant, “I’m looking for a job.” It’s later reported he isn’t serious...

Feb 27, 2009: Laura Bush inaugurates some ancient artefacts in a Houston museum. She also confides that she misses the private flights of Air Force One. Bush is still believed to be in Dallas.

March 17, 2009: Bush is spotted in Calgary, Canada, announcing his plans of writing a book covering his various decisions. He says he’ll call it ‘The Decider’, after the name he had kept for himself in office. No response from White House...

April 6, 2009: During a baseball game between Texas and Cleveland Indians, spectators spy Bush with the radio announcers and TV crew. Bush says he has thrown many pitches; gives evidence.

April 18, 2009: Bush is tracked down to a conference in China. He’s cracking up the Chinese with jokes on how he picks up his dog’s scoop on neighbourhood walks. Many escape unhurt...

May, June, 2009: Bush untraceable.

July 4, 2009: Bush emerges in Woodward, cracking up locals again with jokes on his retirement and his mother’s spending habits. Many again escape unhurt...

Aug 2009: Bush vanishes again..!

By:- Sray Agarwal

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