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Rogue power
India must fight fire with fire

The world talks about Chindia, except for people in the two countries! For Indians, the question of whether they can trust China endures. While the deep distrust between India and Pakistan is the hot topic of discussion in international media, a significant proportion of Indians have begun to consider China a greater threat. The wounds of the 1962 war have never been really forgotten; and economically, the two countries have been staunch rivals; even though China is now India’s largest trading partner. Moreover, developments in recent times are giving rise to an increasing suspicion that China’s motives w.r.t. India are far from noble.

The very first develpment was China’s military progress and deployment in the bordering areas of Indian state Arunachal Pradesh. China has intentionally kept the state as a flashpoint, even while it claims that they have passed 36 resolutions in order to resolve the border issue with India. Secondly, bilateral military training programs with Pakistan have given rise to deep distrust. China has promised to provide $500 million as economic aid to Pakistan. Many attribute Pakistan’s strong decree against the US to the strong backing of China along with some Middle Eastern countries. China refuses to recognise the deadly ULFA as a terrorist group and also rblocked Indian attempts to label JuD as a terrorist group in the UN thrice. An article published recently by the Chinese Think-tank, the China International Institute for Strategic Studies also vowed that China can divide India at any moment. It can give political support to its neighbors like Bangladesh. It can also fuel caste politics and regionalism inside the country by supporting separatist groups like ULFA, as per the report.

And the most recent issue has been China’s unwarranted initiative to offer separate visas for Kashmiris. India needs to stop playing down the dragon’s growing audacity. Instead, we need to give them a taste of their own medicine. We could start, for instance, by issuing separate visas to Tibetans & Uighurs when they visit India!

By:- Akram Hoque

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