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Get them in!
Encourage foreign film makers

Nothing kills a bad product faster than great promotion. Conversely, to ensure that a great product never delivers to its potential, do ensure that your promotions are benchmarks in disgrace!

The product in question is India… we mean as a destination for movie production. In this regard, our slow progress is quite surprising since the country is known far and wide for its natural beauty as well as for its diversity. We have done a lot for foreign locations. The forays of the Yash Chopra banner have had a lot to do with the increase in Indian tourist traffic to Switzerland by almost 30%. Even Rakesh Roshan was honoured by the New Zealand PM for promoting tourism. Recently, Tarun Mansukhani, director of Dostana, was invited by the Government of Thailand to be a part of their Thailand entertainment expo.

King Khan himself has just been signed on as a cultural ambassador by the Korean Tourism Organisation to promote tourism and lure movie makers. Numerous south Asian countries are also devising strategies to lure movie-makers. The Singapore Tourism Board invested $6.3 million under its ‘Film in Singapore’ scheme and will subsidise international film productions by up to 50%. Fiji is ready to give a payback of 35%. Unfortunately, Incredible India continues to lag in this regard. Just around 90 foreign film productions have been cleared for shooting in India over the last 3 years. The biggest predicament is the lengthy paper work required by Ministry of Information & Broadcasting. Multiple clearances with different departments continue to discourage foreign film producers. Also, local authorities create hurdles and ask for bribes before giving clearance at local levels.

Slumdog Millionaire has been the most successful foreign film foray into India, but not for the right reasons. Rather than being restricted to a global image of widespread poverty and destitution, it’s time that India stands for much more on the global front. And making it more easier for foreign film makers could be a vital step in that direction.

By:- Sray Agarwal

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