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Ah, 1985! We just remembered
The on-going Sino-Pakistan nexus is highly dangerous for long term global peace and stability

In a report that shook the foundations of Islamabad, the London School of Economics made a strong case against Pakistan’s claim of a clean sheet with respect to Taliban. Their conclusion is that “Pakistan appears to be playing a double game of astonishing magnitude”.

This allegation assumes special relevance in the context of a foreseeable Sino-Pak nuclear deal. US is strongly opposed to the idea, since it violates international guidelines for forbidding nuclear exports to countries that have not signed the NPT or don’t have international safeguards on reactors. More importantly, the suspected bonhomie between Pakistan’s establishment and Afghan Taliban makes this development even more worrying. General David Petraeus, Commander of US Central Command suspected Pakistan’s involvement with Taliban and other terror groups during a hearing by Congressional Committee. China’s ostensible logic that the US-India nuclear deal automatically justifies its assistance to Pakistan makes no sense. Only a clear lack of logical reasoning or a blindly biased viewpoint would lead someone to paint India and Pakistan with the same brush.

The Chinese argument for extending assistance to the Chashma reactors is twofold. First, it will be built under the nuclear watchdog IAEA’s guidelines, and hence be for peaceful purposes. Second, it is not defying NSG protocol, as the original deal was struck in 1985 (before formation of NSG). To India’s despair, US and its allies in Western Europe are fence sitting on this critical issue. Obama does not want to antagonize China, whose support he will need in more pressing problems like the sanctions on Iran. On China’s part, it is another indicator of its intent to put pressure on India. What the Western world fails to comprehend is that this could have deadly repercussions for the whole world.

By:- Sayan Ghosh

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