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Do Aliens really exist?
August 5, 2010: UK Government officially accepts the hushing up of a confirmed UFO incident by releasing 5000 plus pages of UFO reports! So do Aliens really exist? The Scrutiny team does a quick recap of available research in this area!

Numerous scientists, defence intelligence agencies and government organizations, after years of research, continue to grapple with the possibility of alien life on other planets – and on earth. While none of them have indisputably confirmed the existence of aliens or UFOs, innumerable sightings at different times in history in different parts of the world have made stronger than required and straight-jacked denials from leading governments appear clearly unnecessary at the best, and to the critics, like cover-ups at the worst.

While the most famous July 1947 purported alien aircraft crash in Roswell, USA, was repeatedly denied by the US government (despite the statements by people like Maj. Jesse Marcel – deputed by the US government in the debris recovery at Roswell – who confirmed the crash to be of an “unearthly” extraterrestrial spacecraft), some of the other incidents have been accepted by respective governments to have definitely occurred; the Scrutiny team gives a quick review of the reports.

January 31, 1916: A UK pilot near Rochford reports a row of lights, like lighted windows on a railway carriage, that rise and disappear. In another similar incident, a US pilot sees six “flying manhole covers” between Wichita, Kansas and Colorado Springs, Colorado.

June 24, 1947: Much respected American businessman Kenneth Arnold is flying his private plane near Mount Rainier, Washington. He suddenly sees nine brilliantly bright objects flying across the face of Mount Rainier. He reports the incident and it immediately catches media hype.

April 18, 1962: A thousand odd people, including civilians as well as US Air Force officials and several radar sites spot a “meteor” over Oneida, New York, heading in a westerly direction. The meteor comes down in Eureka – US Air Defence Command reports that there is an unexpected power cut in the surrounding area. Interestingly, the meteor takes off again and finally disappears over the Nellis Air Force Base. Power resumes post the disappearance. The concept becomes the basis for many sci-fi movie makers.

March 13, 1997: More than a hundred eyewitnesses situated randomly between Nevada and Tucson report UFOs and lights travelling along a 300 mile area, with Phoenix, Arizona being the host to the maximum sighting. The most sightings occur in the area in and around Phoenix, Arizona. The National UFO Reporting Center confirms the incident. National Geographic confirms the same too and launches a specific science investigation on the incident over a decade later.
February and March, 2009: Many holidaymakers in Somerset, UK, witness and record a UFO flying over the coastline in February 2009. The Telegraph reports this, and a month later, also publishes the mobile phone photo shot by Derek Burden of the London Skyline in March 2009, which has four UFOs clearly visible.

December 1, 2009: The British Ministry of Defence on December 1, 2009 silently shuts down its UFO investigations unit, and mentions in an official statement, “In over fifty years, no UFO report has revealed any evidence of a potential threat to the UK... There is no defence benefit in such investigations and it would be an inappropriate use of defence resources.” As per estimates, the closure would save around £50,000 a year of taxpayers’ money.

August 5, 2010: At the end of World War II, a British RAF plane flying over the English coast confirmed that a UFO flew alongside the plane for sometime and then disappeared at high speeds. The plane crew photographed the UFO. But Winston Churchill immediately put a 50 year ban on any reports of the incident, commenting that “it would create mass panic and destroy one’s belief in the Church.”

On August 5, 2010, just eight months after the closure of UFO investigations, and after Churchill’s 50 year ban terminated, the UK government publicly and momentously accepts the WW II incident by officially releasing more than 5,000 pages of UFO reports. The global media more or less misses reporting this.

In summary, government investigations over the years have been quite interesting. The official opinion on UFOs is neutral or negative, despite the unanswered question. As per the recent findings of the French space agency CNES, about 14% of some 6,000 UFO cases studied have remained unexplained. After two expensive American government investigations – Project Sign and Project Grudge – failed to make definite inferences, Project Blue Book concluded that UFOs do not possess a significant threat to mankind and no evidence indicated that the sightings categorised as “unidentified” are extraterrestrial. At the same time, investigations by highly respected media agencies like National Geographic and Discovery put paid to such official rejection of UFO claims.

The biggest hit to the US government came just sometime ago, when US Navy pilot and former NASA employee Edgar Mitchell – who holds qualifications from Carnegie, Harvard and a PhD from MIT – revealed to the Discovery Channel that as per his interactions at Pentagon, the Roswell incident was true, and that there was an alien UFO spacecraft that crashlanded that day; he also revealed that certain specific recent UFO incidents were confirmed alien spacecraft sightings. Edgar was incidentally the Apollo 14 astronaut who became the sixth man to walk on the moon.

Evidently, whether UFOs and aliens exist, is clearly a test of human intelligence and philosophical strength. Imagine the panic that could be generated if Obama were to one day address the world and announce that aliens had finally made contact. The primary reason for this panic would be the current refusal of global governments to educate the masses in a structured manner about the definite possibility of alien existence. When even NASA can now officially confirm that they “don’t deny the existence of aliens,” it’s time global governments accept reality and start taking early steps towards reducing future possibilities of mass hysteria, when and if such an alien contact report is finally made public.

By:- Akram Hoque

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