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They are Murdering People and Children!
Cellular Phones will necessarily Cause Cancer! How Pathetic that no Government has The Guts to call a Spade a Spade and Take Action

1954: The world is hooked on to a fantastic fad; they call it tobacco smoking. It’s hip, it’s happening, it’s hot. Many who smoke – from celebrities to political bigwigs, friends and relatives – encourage others to do so too; well, smoking together gives a sense of community building. Children are informed that they should not smoke (or chew gum) while attending school or in front of elders as that may seem disrespectful. And yes, there’s nothing cooler than going to a doctor who takes a puff from one hand and checks your pulse from the other. At the same time, two scientists – Richard Doll and A. Bradford Hill – notice something strange and write a quite disconcerting piece in the British Medical Journal, which documents how the mortality/cancer rate of doctors who smoke seems to be more than the rate for non-smoking doctors.

The report and over the years, many similar reports on tobacco’s relation with cancer are summarily dismissed; and the world gets on happily with smoking away to glory... till the 1980s, when the tobacco related deaths increase to such an extent that the developed nations’ governments are forced to start taking action – from filing class action suits to printing statutory warnings on cigarette packs, from prohibiting consumption by children, to bringing out unfettered peer reviewed research on tobacco’s harmful effects.

Today, with respect to cellular phone usage, the world is seeing exactly the same situation that the tobacco industry saw in the 1950s. Cellular phones cause cancer! Period! And it’s horrifyingly shameful that there is now a silent consensus in global communities with respect to accepting cellular phone usage in normal lives – this is perhaps the most dangerous event in the history of human health; especially as it involves children who have started becoming the latest target market.

As per a 2008 exhaustive report published in The Independent, “Mobile phones could kill far more people than smoking or asbestos.” Dr.Vini Khurana, the author of the report, comments that by using handsets for 10 years or more, humans double the risk of brain cancer. A similar June 2010 study concluded that users who talk on the cell for more than 30 minutes per day may develop brain cancer. A report published by researchers of the Swedish National Institute for Working Life and the University of Oerebro in the International Archives of Occupational and Environmental Health found that “early users [nee, children] are also at greater risk of developing a malignant brain tumour.” The Environmental Health Trust, a US campaign group, concluded that ‘the risk of tumours is up to 500% higher with long-term mobile phone use. A 2008 study by the Australian Health Research Institute proves that electromagnetic radiation emitted by mobile phones (and internet, intranet and wireless communication) would make “almost one-third of world population the patients of ear, eye and brain cancer besides other major body disorders like heart ailments, impotency, migraine and epilepsy.”
Now, which part of all this is not understandable? To the World Health Organization, perhaps all. The WHO, which has ambivalently maintained that there is no proven connection between cancer and mobile phone usage, commented again in the Children‘s Environmental Health International Initiatives December 2010 newsletter, “We need to get to the bottom of what mobile phones do to our health. The scientific jury is still out on whether those powerful micro-waves may be causing long-term damage. Thousands of studies have already been published on the subject, especially into the links between brain cancer and radiation. Yet, the vast majority have proved inconclusive. The effects are as unclear as a decade ago. But one fact is indisputable. Brain cancer is on the rise among 20- to 29-year-olds.” That is in all probability the most shameful of statements that a global health organization, whose reports are followed by various countries, could give.

It’s sad that not many countries, if any, are following the Austrian mobile phone warning system (where the advice is that “mobiles should only be used briefly during urgent need, and by children, only in extreme emergencies.”). It’s worse that companies like MSNBC are proudly promoting mobile phones for children (‘Best cell phones for children’; featuring Disney Mobile, Verizon Migo, Tictalk and more) on their website.

By the time governments realise the gravity of the situation, it may well be too late. This is the time that governments across the world should come out and firstly – akin to tobacco products – ban the usage of cellular phones by children, and secondly force the cellular phone companies to print statutory health warnings on cellular phone handsets. That is the most logical step forward in today’s times of instant connectivity.

By:- Sray Agarwal

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