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Stay Poor, stay Dangerous
Stockpiling Nuclear Weapons is not The Solution to Pakistan’s Problems

The nation founded by Mohammad Ali Jinnah is hardly doing any justice to his vision, for it is busy stockpiling more nuclear weapons than what India has in a rat race of South Asian nations. David Albright, President of the Institute for Science and International Security, has predicted that Pakistan’s nuclear warheads have crossed the 100 mark, compared to India’s stockpile, estimated to be between 60 to 90. Pakistan had 30 to 60 weapons in its arsenal in 2007.

Pakistan is among a few countries rapidly increasing their nuclear warheads despite economic vulnerabilities and social stigmas. Why is Pakistan doing this? There are diverse reasons for that. Firstly, insecurity – it constantly wants to be in the limelight for being among the most important players in world diplomacy; and nukes apparently play up the importance level (aka Russia). Secondly, having more nukes means being perceived as more unstable; the result – US gets involved more and greases the palms of Pakistani military and political personnel more handsomely to control them! Thirdly, to be perceived as the leader of the Muslim world. This is the below the line objective of the Pakistani establishment as currently, Saudi Arabia is miles ahead in this regard.

But then, what about the initial reasoning of bombs being a security deterrent against India? That’s no reason at all. The US foreign ministry expressed its concerns, “The country already has more than enough weapons for an effective deterrent against India.” The most worrying part is, given Pakistan’s instability, no amount of US money may be enough for a fanatic to one day simply press the nuke button against India.

By:- Akram Hoque

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