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Let’s Radio tag The Useless EdCIL
EdCIL has an Enviable track Record of Failing in its Core Objectives

India’s PSUs have a chequered record when it comes to financial performance, but when it comes to education, the misses dominate quite convincingly. In the light of the recent Tri Valley University imbroglio, this becomes more crucial.

Apparently, a glorious PSU called Educational Consultant India Limited (EdCIL) was formed in 1981, with much hope and anticipation that it will offer services par excellence in the field of education and human resource consultancy; especially with respect to students going in for not only domestic courses, but most importantly also foreign programmes. Imagine what all has the well staffed EdCIL achieved in all these years... Nothing!

EdCIL’s presence is restricted just to Delhi & NCR; there is absolutely zero awareness of this PSU across India, including Delhi. One visit to EdCIL’s gloriously unknown website conjures up a brilliantly dubious profile (that is, if you were able to surf the website, which doesn’t function properly most of the time). And EdCIL’s Facebook or Twitter presence is as good as a dinosaur; extinct!

According to a research jointly done by Ernst & Young and Assocham, 2.3 million graduates and 750,000 post graduates in general pass out every year from 14,169 colleges and 389 universities. Currently, any of these students with a need for specialised education counselling goes to only private firms and consultants. With gumption, EdCIL could have become the simile for what AIIMS is in medicine. It’s sad that instead what EdCIL has become is a metaphor for inefficiency, injudiciousness, indiscretion and insensitivity to the very critical cause why it was set up.

Given the humiliatingly shameless and open corruption festered in organisations like AICTE and UGC, EdCIL could have become the most proactive organisation in India for providing students information sans any political or corrupt agenda. Evidently, they have not!

By:- Sray Agarwal

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