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The Sarah Palin Quiz!
If you Answer even One Question correctly, You’re qualified to run in The US Presidential Elections... Er, almost...

Sarah Palin’s branding is ubiquitous – none expects her to have much general knowledge (Africa=country; a Palin copyright); yet, everybody expects her to run for the US Presidential elections. We decided to pit you against Palin in this war of geographical knowledge. If you get even one right, you’ve beaten her.

1) Puerto Rico belongs to which nation?
2) Greenland is a part of Denmark. So which continent is Greenland in?
3) Is Greenland a country, state or city?
4) Who is the head of Canada?
5) Sultan of Brunei is known for his oil dollars. Where is Brunei located – Middle East, South Asia, Eurasia?
6) Which is America’s largest border sharing neighbour in terms of geographical size?
So are you better than dame Palin? Here are the answers:

1) Believe it or not, Puerto Rico is a commonwealth of the United States, ceded after the Spanish American War in 1898.
2) Surprise surprise. Greenland belongs to the Kingdom of Denmark, but is geographically located in North America to the north east of Canada.
3) You’ll chew your head off when you hear this. Greenland is an autonomous country on its own. It’s also the world’s largest island, astoundingly with another island named Greenland ensconced within it.
4) The head of State of Canada is Her Majesty, the Queen of Britain. And we bet you never knew that!
5) Yes, the Sultan has many Rolls Royce beasts, and might smell of the Mid-East, but Brunei is in reality located in the island of Borneo in South China Sea in Southeast Asia, flanked by Indonesia and Malaysia.
6) America’s largest geographic neighbour is actually Russia, which shares its border in its north east with Alaska, America’s biggest state (which was in turn purchased from Russia in 1867).
So how many did you get right? If zero is your answer, relax, you’re in good company.


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