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Yes, They are Humans too!
Recent Tragedies highlight that our Police Forces need Special Attention

Ever considered law enforcers getting on the wrong side of the law? Consider this: 17 Delhi Police personnel have committed a grave crime in the last three years, which puts them beyond conviction. That’s not because they are law enforcers, but because the crime in question is suicide.

Most of these suicides were due to stress and tension related to personal and family problems. In the capital itself, 2009 saw seven suicide cases. A brief trend analysis shows that suicide cases among police personnel in Delhi police is “increasing day by day”.

Most of the time, a police officer works for more than 24 hours, thus keeping him disconnected from social and family life. Studies suggest that most of these suicides can be attributed to personal and family problems. It’s very important for policy makers to make the work hours more humane in the long run; but as of now, it is imperative to instil a sense of life in these personnel. The police department across India can replicate a model suggested by the Mumbai police, wherein they try to conduct stress management courses and frequent interactions; along with organising “Sampark Sabhas’’, which aim at decreasing communication gaps between subordinates and seniors. Policy makers are also considering developing over 7,000 residential living units and organising a series of recreational activities.

Along with suicides, discrete criminal activities such as killing someone in the line of duty and misbehaving with citizens are also reported. Policing does call for a lot of psychological stress clubbed with danger, and requires prompt decision making skills and ability to deal with unprecedented situations. Our police forces are, at the end of the day, human beings, and need special attention and care. That’s the least we can do, for all the risks they take to keep us safe and secure.

By:- Sray Agarwal

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