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Bad Gaddafi, Pathetic Obama
US has Adopted Selective morality again with The Libya Invasion

Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize drew criticism from a number of quarters, but the symbolism of his presidency and the hope he provided for global peace were said to be his strongest redeeming factors. When allied forces with Obama’s direct involvement waged air strikes to remove Muammar Gaddafi and free Libya recently, it created a strong feeling that the criticisms were not baseless.

The US President during his six-day visit to Latin America warned Gaddafi to leave his throne, as otherwise “the international community” would act with ‘urgency’ to protect anti-government demonstrators. A few hours later, the strikes shrouded the Libyan sky with flames and smoke. Exactly 17 days before, on March 2, 2011, when the Cuban legend Fidel Castro wrote a column for our sister publication, The Sunday Indian, he had predicted the inevitability of war on Libya by NATO forces (the column is reprinted later in this issue).

The shamelessness of Obama’s call to attack Gaddafi emanates from the fact that Libya, under Gaddafi, stands first on the Human Development Index among African nations – similar is Libya’s status in education, health & infrastructure. Gaddafi has reconstructed this nation from scratch. And in an internal war of two sections in a foreign country, who is Obama to comment on who is right and who is wrong? If Obama is so value based, then why hasn’t there been a similar yardstick for Yemen & Bahrain? For that matter, in China? Or in Myanmar?

In July 2010, Obama shook hands quite happily with Gaddafi at the G-8 summit. So what went wrong in one year? Like presidents before him, Obama is pathetically exercising selective morality. Worse, if Obama was thinking that instability in Libya is a brilliant chance to place a regime that is pro-American, has he forgotten that in Gaddafi, he had and still has one of America’s strongest supporters?

By:- Akram Hoque

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