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The Stupidity that is IAEA
The Agency has handled The Japan disaster in The Worst Manner Possible

When news of the Japanese nuclear disaster started filtering out, the International Atomic Energy Agency’s (IAEA) Incident and Emergency Centre released a statement that the four nuclear power plants which were closest to the quake had been “safely shut down”. Further, on March 12, the IAEA peddled to the world the statement of Japanese authorities that “no radiation was released” from various nuclear plants hit by the disastrous 8.9 magnitude earthquake. On March 19, an IAEA expert released a statement stating that the radiation levels detected in Japan till then did not pose any harm to human health. Wonder of wonders, the IAEA did not have an on-ground team at the site of the nuclear disaster, the Fukushima prefecture, even on March 19, and was like a simpleton forwarding Japanese government press releases. Thankfully, the IAEA started recognizing that the situation could be “dangerous”.

Such a series of responses from the IAEA personifies an attitude that is not only inanely irresponsible, but also unbelievable to the extent of even being called stupid. How could the UN’s global nuclear watchdog ever publicise the logic that a set of nuclear plants were safe, when the reality was quite different? Did not IAEA realize that this was not a matter of ensuring that Japanese public relations remain pristine, but of ensuring that the human race and its existence is protected? It took almost a week post the disaster for IAEA to come to terms with the fact that radiation was being released in massive doses. Imagine the statement that comes on March 19, 2011. “We continue to see radiation coming from the site... and the question is, where exactly is that coming from?” said James Lyons, a senior IAEA official. God save the world from the stupidity that is IAEA!

By:- Akram Hoque

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