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Obama Way for our Traffic Police...
Mandatory Camera Filming of all Challan Incidents could Dramatically reduce Traffic Police Corruption across India

India doesn’t lack laws against traffic violations. But still, traffic sense on Indian roads is horrible. One key reason for the same is rampant corruption and bribery among traffic police, which allows persistent violators to easily side step regulatory punishments. Stopping bribery would greatly help improve traffic sense on Indian roads. A lesson can be learnt from the American state of Illinois, which is also known as the state of Abraham Lincoln. Barack Obama – when he was Illinois senator many years back – made the usage of cameras in police cars a mandatory requirement whenever any individual was stopped (one reason why in the US police cars stop behind the traffic violator – to ensure the incident is filmed properly).

Obama did that to reduce unconstitutional and racially motivated arrests of Afro-Americans by Illinois policemen. The wonder of it is that this simply strategy could immediately reduce rampant corruption within the traffic police across India. Respective state governments should immediately make it mandatory that no vehicle should be stopped by any traffic police unless the whole incident is recorded on the camera – from the part where the vehicle is stopped to the part where the individual pays up the fine or is leg go without any charges.

What about the costs? Well, in today’s technology era where prices are falling every day, a low priced digital camera just costs Rs.3000. This cost can be recovered in just half a day by the traffic policeman using the camera through fruitful non-corrupt fining of traffic offenders. Considering that the camera installation would result in an increase of at least 100% in traffic challan receipts (assuming that the traffic police across India is 50% corrupt to say the least, if not more), this cost can be recovered much faster than our forecasts mention. Can we do this fast? Yes, we can!

By:- Akram Hoque

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