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Increase Min. Drinking age to 27
Now The Maharashtra Government has raised The Age limit for Drinking to 25. While Opposers are Demanding this be Reversed, The Government is very right! The IIPM Think Tank even Proposes The same be raised to 27

With effective control of alcohol consumption in mind, the government of Delhi, and most recently, in Maharashtra, increased the minimum age for drinking from 21 years to 25 years. But this move has evoked widespread criticism from young people and certain sections of the media too. Even Bollywood actor Imran Khan apparently is contemplating a PIL, and opines that if one can vote at 18, it is absurd that one can’t have a good time with a glass of drink before 25! The IIPM Think Tank disagrees with such thinkers, and recommends that not only drinking, but even cigarette smoking should be allowed only for individuals aged 27 and above.

Global studies have proven that the longer one delays consumption of alcohol, the less the chances of alcohol addiction (Grant, Stinson, Harford, Boston University Study). This is due to the fact that alcohol ensures that the brain develops mechanisms that “change neural function induced by chronic ethanol consumption leading to the development of [alcohol] dependence” (Weiss and Porrino; Neuroscience Journal). Additionally, the brain stabilises in growth only between the age limits of 22 to 30 (University of Washington data, Eric Chudler). So logically, one should have the right of choosing a product only after the brain has fully grown. National Bureau of Economic Research (Working Paper No. 5200) confirms that “the prevalence of alcohol dependence and abuse is highest in the age range” of 17 to 27.

Logically therefore, rather than appearing unlettered and demanding that the Maharashtra government reduce drinking age, we should be recommending that the same be increased to 27. “As many as 80% of alcoholics smoke,” confirm Miller and Gold, University of Illinois, in their study in Journal of Addictive Diseases. That, in fact, strengthens the concept that even cigarette smoking should be made illegal for people aged below 27.


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