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Let them in
Palestine’s admission to UN is a very desirable end for the world

After ages of civil unrest and bloody relations with Israel, Palestine has now taken the route to seek international recognition as a state. It now seeks a full UN membership. Palestinians have achieved mixed support in the international community for their demand for independence and statehood during the recent interactions with UN. One of the greatestest achievements for Palestine has been its recent admission as a full member of UNESCO.

At the moment, they have two options to get their demand fulfilled – one is UN’s Security Council and the other is the general assembly. The first option would grant Palestine full member status. However, this option does not look feasible; especially considering US opposition and the possibility of a veto. The other option is to move to the 193-member General Assembly (GA, where no nation has a veto power as such) to upgrade their status as a non-member state – often termed as the ‘Vatican Option’.

This upgradation would enhance Palestine’s capacity to join several international organisations. Most importantly, a GA resolution in favour of Palestine would significantly enhance Palestine’s claim to be a state. It would give Palestine a kind of political and legal ‘parity’ with Israel and would pressurise Israel to come back to the negotiation table and deliberate on the 2-state solution. Joining the ICC (International Criminal Court) can be extremely valuable to Palestine, which has already sought ICC’s jurisdiction over occupied territories by Israel. Moreover, it would also act as a deterrent against Israel’s military operations in West Bank and Gaza. Though question marks are hovering over ICC’s effectiveness in resolving any such international issues, it still does give Palestine greater visibility and clout. Failure to obtain UN membership could weaken deterrence, enhance Israel’s impunity and potentially disrupt peace in the Middle East. It’s indeed best in global interests that the state of Palestine is given its due.

By:- Mrinmoy Dey

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