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Survival tips for the last bastion
Syria’s fall will surround Iran from all sides. The only option in that case for Iran is to be nuclear armed to save itself from NATO and Israel!

Two snippets in newspapers on two successive days have raised the heckles for Iranian authorities! The first was that Israel has test fired nuclear warhead-capable missiles capable of reaching the furthest corner of Iran. And the second was that US and Britain are contemplating an attack on Iran’s nuclear installations and Britain has already pressed ahead with its contingency plans!

Western powers have already dislodged Saddam Hussain and Muammar Gaddafi from the region – the former through direct armed conflict and the latter through stealth support of sedition – leaving only Iran and Syria as their adversaries in the Middle East. Among the two left, the siege on Syria is already and truly on – as the NATO is supporting mass demonstrations in Damascus and other parts of the country to topple Bashar al-Assad’s regime.

Without Syria, the isolation of Iran would be certainly complete! Iran would be without any friends in the sea of Arab countries (& Turkey, which is also a US ally) surrounding it. In any case, Iran is bleeding from the cumulative influence of sanctions – which have cost them between $25-30 billion – and hundreds of companies have moved out! It would be an easy pawn for NATO and Israel if they resort to military aggression and turn it into a US protectorate as they have done for Afghanistan, Iraq & Libya.

Under these circumstances, possession of nuclear weapons is a necessary evil for Iran, which will act as a deterrent to the forward deployments of NATO and Israel in the region. It will also presage a strategic leverage in the region to offset (at least to some extent) American influence against the country. Nuclear weapon capability is being cited as a vindication for a war on Iran. But if Iran can manage a bit of real posturing, it may be able to defend itself. Of course, that is only relevant if it genuinely sticks to the posturing part of the deal!


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