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War minus...
...concentration camps

The recent killing of Tamil National Alliance MP Nadarajah Raviraj has brought to focus the vulnerability of the voice of dissent in the region. While the LTTE (Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam) supremo V. Prabhakaran was magnanimous in conferring ‘Maamanithar’ (Great soul) on Raviraj, the highest award of his organisation, the role of his group in the killing has not been ruled out.

As the blame game continues, LTTE’s deliberate cleansing of opponents and dissident voices within and outside its ranks has been intriguing. Dreaming of a ‘Maha Eelam’ spread across the northern and eastern part of Sri Lanka as also the whole of Tamil Nadu, the nihilistic terrorist organisation has been more than ruthless in silencing any opposition. Their role in annihilating the Muslim and Sinhalese population has few parallels in modern human history.

It has been observed that the percentage of Sinhalese population living in the Jaffna peninsula has dwindled from 4.5% in 1971 to 3% by the 1980s. Presently, the Sinhalese population has been reported to have been reduced to zero in the whole of northern and eastern Sri Lanka. Not only that, the dictate of the organisation directed towards the Muslim population in the region ensured cent percent cleansing of Muslim population from Jaffna in 1991. Since then, more than 100,000 northern Muslims have been living in refugee camps. Recently, LTTE auxiliary Thamil Eela Meetpu Padai (Tamil Eelam Salvage Force) ordered the Muslims to vacate the Muthur region and shift to refugee camps. The curious logic given here was ‘to make the Muslims understand the plight of Tamils living in refugee camps’.

Designed to bring ‘ethnic purity’ in ‘Eelam’, the purported killing and forced exodus of non-Tamilians has striking resemblance to the extermination of the Jewish and Gypsy population perpetrated by the Nazi Germany. That ‘homogeneity’ seeks to add greater weight to the LTTE’s hegemony, irrespective of the cost mankind has to pay.

By:- BE Edit Bureau

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