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Hitler lives...
‘Right’ extremism ascending

“My principles are not going to die with three bullets (mere vichar teen goliyon se nahi marne wale)”. These were the prophetic words of Mahatma Gandhi in the recent Bollywood Blockbuster ‘Lage Raho Munnabhai’. But probably these words would have been equally appropriate had they come from Gandhiji’s biggest antithesis Adolf Hitler. At least the recent upsurge in far right extremism and ultra nationalism especially in West and Central Europe would seem to support this fact.

Those think tanks of Europe who never leave a stone unturned to criticise South Asia, West Asia, Sino-Taiwan relations & the whole of Africa for all the global turmoil should see the way far right extremism is gaining popularity there.

It supposedly started with the ascent of the Austrian Freedom Party led by Jorg Haider, which got 27% of the vote in 1999 in the Austrian parliamentary elections, a country where according to Eurobarometer, 37% were ‘not sure’ about ever shaking hands with Jews and 50% of the population alleged that Jews were to be blamed for what happened to them. Same is the story in other countries like Belgium, France, Britain, Denmark, Hungary & Germany where the far-right parties are increasingly gaining popularity. In most cases people are either anti-Semitic like in Hungary or hate the presence of people of other nationalities in their country, like is the case in Italy.

On April 7 this year in Russia, a Senegalese student was shot dead in St. Petersburg, preceded by a similar attack on a Vietnamese student the previous day. More surprisingly, convicts of such incidents often get a lenient verdict, which give more impetus to such incidents. As globalisation permeates the national boundaries and more jobs get outsourced to Asia, this can only rise. Who said globalisation unites the world? And who said Hitler is dead? His ideals, sadly, continue to make their presence felt.

By:- BE Edit Bureau

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