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...by fighting & killing

The Hindi movie ‘Omkara’ drew accolades due to a number of reasons. In the admirable interpretation of human psychology, the storyline portrayed aptly the conflicts that lie within an individual as also within the political hinterland of the country. The inspired moments of coarseness display the political landscape with finesse. Its most striking portrayal, however, is related to the murky amalgamation of politics, crime and the student fraternity.

It seems more like an anomaly. In the impressionable years when the value system is to be ingrained in the student community, politics without its virtues (it doesn’t have any in India) is practiced with impunity in the country. Year after year, as the Universities plunge into student elections (Kerala High Court Judgment notwithstanding) the criminal activities also shoot up in same proportion. It has been reported that the Lucknow Police investigating a murder in the campus on the eve of student elections were amazed to see the usage of AK-47 bullets. The Ujjain killing of a professor by some so called ‘student leaders’ has highlighted the need for regulating not just the political but also the ethical landscape of the student community in India. Any elections held at the Delhi University, for example, are contested on every possible plank with active usage of money, muscle and even divisive caste, regional & religious considerations. Needless to add, student politics is being actively used in the country as a short cut to make an entry into active politics. Going beyond the realm of ‘conflict resolution’, student politics is in fact actively nurtured and supported by political parties to gain a formidable support base within the student community.

It must be strongly recommended (despite the opposition that such a move might bring from vested interests) that the present state of student politics displayed in the country needs to be actively discouraged. The way things are going on our campuses, future generations will suffer immensely.

By:- BE Edit Bureau

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