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Ready to muck it up, Mr. Prez?
Obama’s latest call for Romney’s tax returns is one low move

As the US Presidential elections are closing in, the rat race is getting dirtier. None of the nominees is sparing any opportunity to throw some muck at the competition. And the worst part is that Barack Obama is also pitching in!

The most notable war of words is taking place between Mitt Romney and Obama. Romney’s gameplan is to use Obama’s own words against him. The latest Romney advertisement takes on the comment made by Obama to 60 minutes where he says that the recovery of the US economy “may take more than one President.” So, the ad concludes that it will indeed take a ‘new’ president. Obama’s campaign is going down a similar trajectory. Firstly, there is a growing feeling in the country that Obama is more interested in the upcoming elections rather than the US economy. Also, he recently criticised Romney on his Twitter account for not making his income tax returns public. Ben LaBolt, spokesman of the Obama campaign ‘Obama for America’ then criticised Romney for supporting “secrecy over openness” and defying an age old practice. But Romney has made it clear that he has no plans to release his income tax returns unless required. To his credit, it is not obligatory for Presidential nominees to disclose income tax returns under Federal Laws.

Furthermore, such tactics could be dangerous for Obama going forward. As the incumbent President, he doesn’t have the luxury of being able to take potshots at his rival with the same ferocity, since that would be dangerous for his own reputation. He should play the defensive role in his campaign and highlight the key achievements under his leadership for the nation. Also, he should continue to talk about hope and change and how the US could further progress under his leadership for a second term. Positive leadership won the day for Obama the first time, and he must not lose that edge this time around either.

By:- Akram Hoque

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