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Marx, Lenin, Mao, Castro... R.I.P.
It was touted as the grand idea that would secure the future of societies for generations to come.What went wrong?

Che Guevara, in his famous book, The Motorcycle Diaries, wrote, “I knew that when the great guiding spirit cleaves humanity into two antagonistic halves, I will be with the people.” Che surely would have been surprised by how difficult that so-called ‘communist’ choice has become in today’s world! In fact, communist regimes across the world often seem far more anti-communist in nature than the real anti-communists! Karl Marx, the father of communism, who proposed, “From each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs,” would have been loathe to see his ideology so ruthlessly destroyed.

Well, the communist ideology that strives for an equitable State seems pristine on the face of it. Sadly, historically, communists across the world have more or less used the guise of communism to in reality maintain dictatorial rule. Neither would have Karl Marx imagined this morbid metamorphosis of his ideology, nor would he have recommended the shocking usage of force to brutally suppress the so-called anti-communists (in reality, the anti-dictatorship proponents).

If communism in USSR came to be better known for the Stalinistic Great Purge and random executions, the same in Yugoslavia became utterly farcical with Tito adorning himself with the ‘President for Life’ title in 1963. Both these regimes got broken up purely because of this rabid need of the communists to retain power.

Factually, those are communists themselves who, due to their tyrannical and fanatical insecurities to retain power, have forced global masses to choose the less than perfect – and in reality, utterly incompetent, anti-social and unworkable – combination of democracy and capitalism.

Worse is the fact that in case communists had in reality worked for the masses, then they would have retained power even during democratic elections. Clearly, most communist regimes never actually worked towards the equitable quotient. But some did, and creditably.

The Cuban case is classic evidential material on this. One of the main reasons the Castro clan has been able to retain power almost non-violently has been because they’ve stuck to the cause. Cuba beats many Western nations on human life indicators, what to talk about third world countries. With an 18% of GDP investment in education, Cuba attempts to educate almost 100% of its children equitably. That is the reason Cubans in reality appreciate the socio-communist ideology. In one perspective, even the Chinese Communist Party has been true to the ideology – more poor have been lifted above the poverty line in China in the latter part of the last century than ever has been done in the history of mankind in any nation. Unfortunately, the more tyrannical it becomes, the more the Chinese Communist Party is digging its own grave and that of the nation.

To the other side of the Asian continent, independent and neutral observers confirm that Putin still retains the support of above 60% of the Russian populace – and one main reason for the same is the fact that he’s brought stability and equitable income growth to the nation. Thus, despite Russia holding democratic elections, for however much you might believe their fairness, the fact is that Putin does get majority votes.

In the state of West Bengal in India, the communist party started pretty well – winning democratic elections regularly due to their initial pro-poor land distribution policies. But over time, the obsession with retaining power overcame all socialistic objectives – from random killings to rigging ballots en masse, communists tried almost every trick in the book to the hilt – and West Bengal, despite the claimed communist manifesto, came to rest amongst the worst states in India and the globe in terms of health, economic and other social indices.

Across the world, communism as an ideology is almost dead due to the very communists who were supposed to uphold its values. Can it be revived? Only when the world tires of the second ridiculous farce going around town, the combination of democratic-capitalism.

By:- Akram Hoque

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