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Mitt, here are 3 strategies for you!
Barack Obama's lead over Mitt Romney seems to be growing with each passing week. With just over a month left before the elections, will Mitt Romney be able to win back lost ground through his gun-blazing dollar infested October marketing campaign?

As per the predictions of the most recent issue of Political Science and Politics, if elections were to be held today, Barack Obama will definitely win – with 8 of 13 recent polls having shown his clear lead over Romney. The electoral vote projections by The Fix (published in Washington Post) shows Obama’s command over 237 electorates compared to 206 of Mitt Romney out of the 538 electorates in the US Electoral College. A Pew Research Center poll released on September 19, 2012 and Reuters/Ipsos poll published on September 20, 2012 have also highlighted that Obama’s lead has grown to eight points and five points respectively. The September 24 Bloomberg National Poll report mentions, “In the head-to-head contest, Obama leads Romney among likely voters, 49% to 43%.”

With just a month left, Romney needs radical strategies to get back into the lead; and guess what, we have two seat-of-the-pant strategies that Romney should immediately employ.

#1: It’s quite evident that the electoral college is not differentiating between Obama and Romney’s stands on erstwhile critical issues – health, abortion, foreign policy. What Romney needs to do immediately is to spike up on plain old brand recall. The more appearances Romney would make on national TV, the more would be his recall. Forget the agenda Mitt, just roll out all appearances at a national level.

#2: At the start of September 2012, Obama had $86 million campaign money remaining; Romney shockingly had only $35 million. Mitt, rather than attempting to outspend Obama on ads throughout the month, maximize the use of your campaign dollars in the last week before the elections as the maximum voter susceptibility occurs then. #3: Get Paul Ryan more publicity: In the weeks following the announcement of Ryan becoming the Republican VP candidate, Obama started trailing in many polls. Unfortunately, Ryan has been downplayed since then by Mitt, despite knowing very well how Ryan would be able to cut down on Obama’s favourability amongst women voters. Get Ryan back Mitt; he won’t do to you what Palin did to McCain.


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