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Unavoidable Curiosity
While the rover parties on in Mars, it’s quite clear none of the Presidential candidates makes sense

“Two years ago I set a goal of sending humans farther into space than we have ever been – to an asteroid by 2025 and to Mars in the 2030s,” Obama said in response to questions posed in September 2012 by ScienceDebate.org, a non profit that regularly questions Presidential candidates on their stands on issues related to science. “It’s important to remember that the $2.5 billion investment made in this project was not spent on Mars, but right here on Earth, supporting more than 7,000 jobs in at least 31 states,” Obama added. Romney’s response was, “The current purpose and goals of the American space program are difficult to determine... With clear, decisive, and steadfast leadership, space can once again be an engine of technology and commerce.” Without doubt, none of them makes sense, a fact seconded by the founder of ScienceDebate.org, Shawn Lawrence Otto, who said, “We noticed the candidates for president weren’t talking about any of the major science challenges facing the country and affecting voters’ lives.”

Really, 43 years after mankind’s first notable successful adventure en route to space, NASA’s Curiosity rover may have started its party on Mars, but could not the $2.5 billion price tag of this mission have been used somewhere more productive?

If a life saved is a life gained, then shouldn’t the US government have been saving lives in Africa than searching for life in Mars? Isn’t there some sense in accepting that great landings on Mars do not a brilliant Earth make?


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