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This one's for you Lance
The charges levied against Armstrong are devoid of substantive proof, and he must seek legal recourse

“I have never doped. These charges are baseless and motivated by spite,” is the response from Lance Armstrong, seven times winner of Tour de France, the prestigious cycling competition, countering charges levelled against him by the doping monitoring body, USADA, which has also stripped him of all titles and honors and banned him from competing in the future. USADA claims that Lance Armstrong has been cheating the cycling fraternity since 1996, and also claims that blood samples collected from him in 2009 and 2010 are fully consistent with their claim. What one is perplexed about is why USADA was silent for so long, if they had found the blood sample manipulation long back in 2009? Also, USADA’s assertion of Armstrong’s guilt from the 1990s lacks substantive proof.

Lance Armstrong has pointed fingers against USADA’s CEO, Travis Tygart, and has termed this as a ploy for vendetta and dismissed it as being sans merit. The Armstrong’s defense is neat and solid: he has been accused of doping for 16 years, yet in over 500 drug tests conducted to him, he failed in none.

Support is pouring in towards Armstrong – from his ex-coach Johan Bruyneel, his sponsor Nike and even from his competitors like Alberto Contador. UCI (the Tour de France organiser) has now revealed that USADA has even failed to hand over the so-called “evidence file” to UCI despite various reminders. This one’s for you Lance, keep on rocking, and keep on rolling.

By:- Sayan Ghosh

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