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Keep him beyond harm!
The Centre needs to immediately provide high level security for Arvind Kejriwal and team

Considering that India Against Corruption (IAC) – led by political activist Arvind Kejriwal – is taking some of India’s most powerful people head on, the possibility of retribution cannot be ruled out. There is reason enough for the government to provide high level security cover for Kejriwal. The activist can hardly boast of friends in political circles. He has taken on Robert Vadra, DLF, Salman Khurshid and even BJP President Nitin Gadkari on the issue of corrupt practices. It’s not that taking on these heavyweights equates to upping the risk on one’s life – it’s just that there is no dearth of eccentric followers of the tainted individuals, who might take it up themselves to simplistically ‘teach’ a lesson to the activist and his friends. Kejriwal’s team member, Prashant Bhushan has been attacked physically in the past, by the so-called members of Shri Ram Sena and Bhagat Singh Kranti Sena. And so have many of his lower level team members during various meetings. Kejriwal might perchance assume that rejecting government provided security would be akin to taking the higher path – unfortunately, such a thought would be quite dangerous, to say the least. For the man who brought the RTI Act to life in India, a high level of security is imperative to ensure that the current velocity of anti-corruption activities is continued without a break. However cliched this might sound, it is true that the nation needs Kejriwal now more than ever. With experience, Kejriwal’s public responses are becoming more mature and tempered. One hopes that’s the case too when he considers this question of security.


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