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While they die...
Asia’s Southern discomfort

Sri Lanka is burning and it seems that this time, both the Sri Lankan government and LTTE are willing to end it in a ‘do or die’ battle. Sri Lankan forces are leaving almost no weapon unturned to make sure that the legacy of one of the most dreaded terrorist organisations in the world is wiped out. Norwegian mediators (with their pro LTTE tilt) have been trying their best for a ceasefire, but this time probably the Sri Lankan government is not willing as even previously, ceasefires have never brought an end to the relentless suicide bombings, and have only helped LTTE to reconsolidate.

Despite the criticism the Sri Lankan government has faced in the past (due to the current Prime Minister Rajapakse’s nonchalant anti-LTTE stand) and despite there being no dearth of sympathisers for LTTE (especially in India), can there still ever be justifiable reasons for a purely terrorist group, which does not mind sending hapless young children and women as suicide bombers and first line of defence?

Tamils might need more recognition in Sri Lanka, but LTTE, with its unwavering violence oriented responses on the whole, has never done any good to their cause.Examples in south and west Asia have clearly shown how violent techniques to demand even justifiable rights have resulted in stand-off positions spreading over decades. Democracy has always provided the most wonderful structures for minorities to reclaim rightful privileges, and in the shortest time. Sri Lanka is surely not an autocracy, and still runs on the very tenets that democracy stands for. LTTE has been repeatedly provided the opportunity to undertake collective bargaining and democratic negotiation; offers which have been repeatedly spurned due to extremely myopic fears of losing out on territories gained till now.

LTTE, and of course the Sri Lankan government, should realise that the straightforward solution to resolving the current conflict is in a few magic words – literacy, healthcare support, employment opportunities, improvements in per capita income and standards of living. Pray tell us, how tough can that be, compared to the billions of dollars wasted by both sides on war?

By:- BE Edit Bureau

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