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Our sin, their sin
What matters is economy

So as it was bound to happen, sanctions have been imposed on North Korea and the entire world is simply waiting to see who would be the next to detonate the nuclear bomb. This time even when the sanctions have been imposed by the Security Council, there are many who are not convinced about the efficacy of these sanctions and whether it would serve its purpose (still who would dare to question against the US lest they are reminded about the amount they owe to USA?).

Many rightly believe that such sanctions would corner the rogue nations like North Korea to more proliferation, leading to nukes in wrong hands. Sanctions would no doubt cripple the already crumbling North Korean economy, possibly leading them to more desperate acts. But then why inspite of committing an equal crime (well in case one considers it a crime to challenge the hegemony of the Super Power) and even when sanctions were invoked on other countries like India, it did not matter? Why inspite of the sanctions, India continued to grow to become the 12th richest country in the world (in terms of GDP, according to The World Bank figures 2005), becoming one of the fastest growing economies in the world and with a forex reserve of $165 billion. Why is it that when the same was imposed on Iraq after the Gulf War in 1991, resulted in the death of more than half a million children below the age of five?

Well it is the ‘economy’ stupid, and that’s the best bet (or bait!) to keep Uncle Sam at bay. Historically it has been observed that whenever it comes to American companies losing billions of dollars of business, they had been successful to force their Presidents to make sure that sanctions become just a lip service, whereas everything else goes on as usual. Otherwise has anyone ever wondered whether it has ever happened before (or later) in the American history that even when sanctions remained, the American president (Read: Bill Clinton) was in India and busy dancing with the pretty women of Rajasthan, to keep his Indian counterparts happy? Well that’s the magic and lure of an $800 billion economy. Just keep going to keep them at bay.

By:- BE Edit Bureau

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