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   Prasoon S Majumdar

Prasoon S Majumdar
Editor, Economic Affairs - The Sunday Indian


1.  MPs should work for free!
[31/10/2010]  Nation building cannot be a paid job!
I wonder, why don’t people aspire to join politics? At the same time I also wonder as to why do people at large abhor the career of a politician. I can understand that such feelings can emanate from t...Read More

2.  Economics is funny!
India should focus on GPI for a real picture
Economics is funny! I remember my professor used to say that instead of conducting classes in air-conditioned rooms with lights on devoid any ventilation, it is much better to conduct the same in open...Read More

3.  De-politicise aid!
For once, First World needs to learn from India...
A week back, the US President Barack Obama said that developing nations would have to help themselves and not completely depend on aid from the developed world, which is struggling with financial cris...Read More

4.  Pulses for the right pulse!
[03/10/2010]  It's not just food security...
Recently, the government at the Centre has been highly active in rolling out the Food Security Bill. In fact, the Supreme Court also seems to have directed to mobilise the food grains which are stocke...Read More

5.  Drug abuse or child abuse
[26/09/2010]  US companies test drugs on children in developing world
T he United States of America never fails to live up to its image. And in the same line they have added another feather in their cap. Recently, in order to fasten the development of drug meant for Ame...Read More

6.  The Museum of Museums
[19/09/2010]  It is just about heritage, but it is lot about economics as well
In most of my leisure trips abroad, the one thing that necessarily forms the part of my itinerary is a visit to art galleries and museums of that country. Not only the artifacts exhibited there speak ...Read More

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