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1.  A New 'RARE’ War
[31/10/2010]  Rare Earth elements can fuel the next war among nations
There seems to be a new entry in the catalogue of war for resources. After oil, gold and water, the latest addition are the rare earth elements. Rare earth element is a collection of seventeen chemica...Read More

2.  Innovation Mantras
[31/10/2010]  Economic growth is not enough to invite and nurture ideas
The National Innovation Council of India has proposed a $1 billion innovation fund to boost innovation for India's inclusive growth. Although India witnesses exponential growth, it has been grossly un...Read More

3.  The global As(h)tray
[17/10/2010]  Traffic jams across the globe need innovative solutions
When it comes to owning superlative terms, China seems to be on the forefront. It has always attempted to build the biggest, tallest, longest or mightiest records across categories. But the recent inc...Read More

4.  The art of diplomacy
[17/10/2010]  What India can learn from the US on the diplomatic ground
Italian diplomat Daniele Vare once said, “Diplomacy is the art of letting the other party have things your way.” It is applicable between nations as much as at the individual level. On the diplomatic ...Read More

5.  More is less
[10/10/2010]  Arms trade causes multifaceted economic loss to any nation
The whole business of arms trade is no more a scoop. Names like Lockheed Martin, BAE Systems, General Dynamics, Dassault Aviation, Finmeccanica, Boeing, Rosoboronexport and Northrop Grumman feature pr...Read More

6.  A uniform tax policy
[10/10/2010]  GST will help not only the common people but also the nation
The irony with the nation called India is that it often has to compromise with national interests for political gain. Even the current debate surrounding the uniform tax policy which is garnering enou...Read More

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